November 26, 2018

Skin Cancer and Men's Health. #Movember

Freddie Mercury, musician, icon and “Queen” of mustaches. #movember
Freddie Mercury, musician, icon and “Queen” of mustaches.
We’re nearing the end of #Movember, an annual mustache-themed event raising awareness of #menshealth issues. While there is no such thing as “men’s skin care”—skin is skin, and products are products—men do have specific issues when it comes to skin. Namely, skin cancer.

Men account for the majority of #skincancercases and have a worse survival rate than women, likely due to a combination of biology and culture. Men are less likely to wear sunscreen, and often have short—or no—hair, leaving the ears, scalp and neck exposed. Men are also more likely to work outdoors.

There is still stigma around men using skin care products despite the skin being an organ of the body. But caring for your body and your health is not "male" or "female". It's just plain smart.

Easy ways to protect yourself:
  • Use a fragrance free broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen on *all* exposed areas when spending time in the sun. Especially your face, neck, ears, shoulders and upper back. Apply GENEROUSLY. Slather it on. I’ve seen you apply sunscreen, and you don’t use enough!
  • Keep the highest areas of your body covered when possible. Wear a hat, and a shirt that covers your shoulders.
  • Examine yourself! Know your moles! Know what your body looks like! I’m sure you’re a good looking guy. 😏
  • If you see something change—a mole that changes size, shape or color, areas that appear unusually red or purple—have a reputable dermatologist check you out.
Enjoy life, and keep yourselves healthy! 

(Also, there is no “gay” or “straight” skin care. Don’t be silly.)
(Also also, go see the Freddie Mercury biopic.❤️)

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