June 3, 2015

Marketing #2: How do skin care/makeup companies get away with absurd claims?

Please keep in mind that just because a company uses some of the marketing techniques I discuss, that doesn't necessarily mean they or their products are bad. Marketing exists to make you aware of a product's existence, not to educate you.

Marketing techniques #1: Why are some beauty products or brands always on sale? 

Paula's Choice ingredient database (I agree with them ~90% of the time, so this is a great place to get your ingredient questions answered)

Paula's Choice Beautypedia reviews 

Another science-based beauty blogger I'm fond of: http://www.labmuffin.com/


  1. Hey! Can you please make a video on how to rehab your skin after accidentally falling asleep with all your makeup on? I always take all my makeup off before bed but I had "a few" other night and fell asleep without removing it. Now I have some crazy breakouts and I'd like to know what to do the next morning to help my skin not freak out as much, in case I ever fall asleep with it on again. Thanks ��

  2. I love your new blog. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with us over the years!

  3. I love this article, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!! I am regularly using Sakare's skincare mask products. I would strongly recommend this to all.

  4. I just stumbled upon your YouTube channel and am so happy to have found a reliable source of skincare information! I am wondering if you could comment on dry body brushing?

  5. Hi Veronica! I've recently discovered your YouTube channel, and I have found your videos extremely helpful! There are so many skin care/make-up channels out there, but it is very difficult to find expert advice. Thank you for all your videos, and in case you are looking for more ideas, I would be very interested in finding out more about how skin care products should be layered properly - especially when it comes to introducing treatments, serums or oils into your regular routine - it can be very confusing sometimes! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing more of your videos!

    1. A good general rule of thumb is, after cleansing, to apply in order of thickness, aka apply the lightest product first & the thickest/ most emollient last. If two products are similar then it usually doesn't matter much. An example of application order would be as follows: Cleanser, Toner, Chemical Exfoliant (AHA/BHA), Serum/ Treatment (i.e. Vit C/ antioxidant serum, Retinol, etc), Moisturizer/ Oil, SPF.
      Of course not all of these are needed by everyone, some can be combined (such as SPF moisturizer, exfoliating/ acid toner, etc), & in many/ most cases the order is far less important than many think & can be altered to fit ones preference &/ or needs.
      Of course if using any prescriptions follow those instructions first & foremost but otherwise don't stress/ worry too much. Hope that helps!

  6. Dont you think Paula's Choice Ingredient Dictionary can be nonobjective? I am agree with lot of them but they are saying parabens are okay. I am confusing about that. Also it seems like they are doing chemical advertisement. I know there are good and bad chemicals and naturals. But i think they are saying lots of naturals are bad and chemicals good. I am not agree with that. I am wondering your opinion. Wish you answer. Have a nice day.

  7. Also i am wondering your thoughts about castile soap. Is it different form other soaps? How is its affect to skin? Good day again ^^

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  11. Hi Veronica! I'm a subscriber of your YouTube channel and just generally have always agreed with your ideas and advice. Thankyou so much for donating your knowledge and time to us all!

    I noticed it's been 1yeAr since you've uploaded a video or even updated this site! You had seemed to be pretty regular in the past (save for a month here and there) but a whole year?!? Anyhow I was just wondering how you are and if everything is OKAY ���� ON YOUR END of the world. Your fans miss you! Or atleast this 1 does!

  12. Secondly, while traveling where you can't wash your face frequently use a good quality wet tissues to wipe off all dirt & excess oil also you can dab a cotton gauge into astringent liquid & apply all over your face to eradicate skin troubles. Is clean and clear moisturizer non comedogenic


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