May 17, 2015

Three easy ways to beat dry, irritated skin

Here are a few quick tips for easing winter dryness and irritation from cold, wind, and dehydrating indoor heating along with any other dry skin circumstances:

1. Especially for your facial skin, wash with cool or lukewarm instead of hot water.
2. If you enjoy hot showers and baths (I do!), try to keep your face out of the hot water, and make sure to apply your moisturizing products before your skin has a chance to dry.
3. Supplement your usual moisturizer/body lotion with an additional oil or occlusive. You know I love my Aquaphor! It's great for chapped skin, eczema, dermatitis, wind burn, etc. 

I've also had a lot of inquiries about the new Paula's Choice oil (, and it's a very nice one. As is the Josie Maran argan oil. For a lower budget option, try rosehip seed oil (I've recently tried this fabulous one from Better Shea Butter, or whatever other non-fragrant oil you like! 

Try to choose an oil that suits your skin's tolerance (see my video "Skin care oils and comedogenicity: Which oils are most and least likely to clog pores?" 

For the body, I've been enjoying adding pure shea butter on top of my usual Trader Joe's body lotion. (Also been using one from Better Shea Butter I just grab a chunk and slather it on! Grapeseed oil is another good option, but again, use any non-fragrant oil you enjoy. 

All you have to do is apply your products as usual, then add your oil, shea butter, or Aquaphor on top to help keep as much water in the epidermis as possible (by preventing trans-epidermal water loss) and fortify your skin's natural protective barrier. 

Also remember that reducing irritants and dehydrating ingredients in your skin care routine helps your skin normalize itself, so keep fragrance, essential oils, solvent alcohols, and harsh cleansers to a minimum whenever you can, especially if your skin is showing signs of irritation (whether from products or the environment): redness, dryness, patchy, chapped flakes, or burning sensations when products are applied. 

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