May 17, 2015

Q&A: What do I think about the various eyelash growth products and treatments?

Q: I was wondering what you thought regarding serums or oils that you can apply to your lashes/brows to enhance, lengthen or grow them thicker. A while ago I used smartlash and had decent results, and I have used the Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum and had favorable results in the past as well. But I was wondering what your thoughts were on whether these types of products could be actually helpful and if there are any ingredients I should be wary of in the way of peptides and formulas. Also if you have any recommendations or know of a DIY method that can be useful as well? I know a lot of people recommend castor oil, but I've heard either extremely favorable reviews, or harrowing ones. 

A: I've used both Revitalash (I can't stand Revitalash as a company, just as an aside) and another with the same active ingredient, which was bimatoprost (also the active of Latisse, the rx version), and they were extremely effective. That was a long time ago, though. Bimatoprost has been controversial from the beginning, and they eventually removed it. It was, however, what made those products work. I've used 3 different brands of other, non-bimatoprost formulas, including a peptide formula, and they did absolutely nothing. One was RapidLash, one was from HydroPeptide (whose sunscreen I love), and the third was private label. Other people report success with them, so I have no idea what to say there. And I don't know if the new formula of Revitalash and its competitors is any good, unfortunately, but it's unlikely to have anywhere near the efficacy of the bimatoprost products. 

I think a big variable (outside of bimatoprost) might be whether people moisturize around the eyes well on a regular basis. If someone hadn't been moisturizing the eyelash area, then suddenly started--with any kind of moisturizing product at all, including these serums--the skin would be healthier and the follicle would be less prone to breakage and might get to grow longer...? Really hard to say without controlled circumstances, but I don't know of any reason why something like castor oil specifically would have an effect vs any other emollient (many also suggest petrolatum). 


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