May 17, 2015

Q & A: "I know you said no lemons, but what if..."

You know I love you all, but I have answered this question so many times that it is driving me crazy. In my "DIY recipes you should NEVER try" video (, I explained why it's not a good idea to use lemons, lemon juice and lemon oil on the face. People kept asking me about it. I added an annotation saying NO LEMONS EVER FOR ANY REASON. But still, I have gotten easily hundreds of questions asking me "But what if I use the lemon with...?"

So let me answer all of them right now:

"But what if it's with honey?" NO!

"But what if it's with oatmeal?" NO!

"But what if it's with clay?" NO!

"But what if my mom said it's ok?" NO!

"But what if so-and-so did it in a video?" NO!

"But what if I read it on" NO!

"But what if (insert any other words)?" NO!!!

Lemons, lemon juice, lemon oil and to a lesser extent lemon extract are irritating and phototoxic, and there is NOTHING that lemons will do for your skin that can't be accomplished with safer ingredients like rosehip oil, skin-safe vitamin C serums, etc.

The above applies to all citrus fruits, but lemons are a DIY recipe darling for whatever reason. Please remember: your skin is an organ--the largest organ in your body!--and not everyone is qualified to give you advice on how to care for it. Just because you see/read/hear/watch something on the internet, that doesn't make it safe or a good idea.

In summary, NO LEMONS EVER!!

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