May 17, 2015

Q & A: How do I feel about LUSH?

A lot of people have been asking how I feel about LUSH cosmetics, and it's a very good question. LUSH has a reputation that they don't deserve: "Fresh, handmade cosmetics" does NOT mean "all-natural, good-for-you cosmetics"! They use many artificial fragrances and colors in their products, and while many of their facial skin care products are largely "natural", they are full of inflammatory/phototoxic essential oils and other irritants that should absolutely be avoided. I personally don't have a problem using and recommending safe, proven synthetic ingredients, but if a company is going to market itself as being "Fresh", there is a certain expectation, and the choices of synthetics they use aren't in line with that expectation.

There's nothing wrong with indulging in a bath bomb, bubble bar, hair conditioner or shower gelée from time to time, but I don't recommend their face products and feel that they have a reputation that is not in line with their actual ingredients. If you are using fragrant bath products, from any source, always try to keep them off your face.

I'm not saying that LUSH is a bad company--their cruelty-free campaign is truly admirable--but please just read your labels and know what you're buying. The fact that a product is handmade doesn't mean that it is better for you, or that it only contains ingredients you have in your kitchen!

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  1. Which essential oils would you reccomend are safe to use for DIY facials? Personally I havent had any problems with tea tree oil.


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