May 17, 2015

Q & A: Are Vitamin E capsules good for the skin?

Just a quick note to address another commonly asked question about applying vitamin E from supplement capsules to the skin. Vitamin E is one of the most beneficial antioxidants in skin care, so yes, applying vitamin E to the skin is safe and good, generally speaking. However, only a very small amount (like one drop from a capsule, not an entire capsule) should be applied, as excessive application of pure vitamin E can irritate the skin and cause contact dermatitis. This is why vitamin E oils are usually a carrier oil with a bit of tocopherol. 

Honestly though, you're better off using products with stable forms of vitamin E already in them, as it works best in conjunction with other ingredients. And yes, you can mix a drop from your capsule in with your moisturizer, but there's no guarantee that it will retain its effectiveness when mixed in that fashion. Also, there is no scientific evidence to support the wives' tale that vitamin E capsules will help reduce scars, though there is some evidence to the contrary. 

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