May 28, 2015

How to reduce blackheads and enlarged pores PERMANENTLY!

Another of my most popular videos, referenced in my last video, "Beauty Fact or Fiction: Do your pores really open and close?".

Video Notes:

An easily accessible brand of bentonite clay is "Aztec Secrets", and it can be found at Whole Foods or other organic food type stores.

Or just search for bentonite or kaolin clay and buy either from a bulk ingredient site.

To the question "What do you think about (insert clay type/brand name)?": They're all pretty much the same. It's the other ingredients that determine whether a mask is good or not.

Clay mask instructions:

Easiest way to make a clay mask is to mix some pure clay with your alcohol* and fragrance free toner. For Oily/combo skins, mix a thin paste, and for dry skins use less clay to make a more liquid consistency (which can be thickened with oats and/or honey). Combo and dry skins, only apply your mask to the affected areas.

*When I talk about "alcohol", I am referring to solvent alcohols: SD alcohol, alcohol denat., isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, methanol, benzyl alcohol or just plain "alcohol". Other alcohols may be emollient alcohols (like cetyl and cetearyl alcohol) and are good for the skin.

When to mask:

The best time to mask is immediately after a shower or bath. Apply for 5-10 minutes, only until the clay STARTS to dry--do not let the clay completely dry on your skin! Discomfort is bad, so if it feels uncomfortable, rinse it off.

Use clay masks as tolerated. If your skin starts to show signs of dryness, cut back until it normalizes.

Bentonite does have an alkaline pH, so if you are experiencing a lot of dryness or irritation, try adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar or some aloe juice to reduce the pH, and some raw honey to help keep the skin hydrated. Also make sure to apply your toner (see my pH and the skin video) and moisturizer immediately after, and don't let your skin dry out.

Two-week clay mask boot camp:

Only try this if your skin tolerates consistent use of your clay mask!

Apply your mask according to the above instructions for two weeks, then drop down to 2-3 times per week. I have found this to be an extremely effective way to start this type of regimen.

These tips can also be applied to other areas of the body, as needed.

Good luck, and be sure to share your feedback if you try these techniques!

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  1. I wanted to ask your thoughts on peel off charcoal masks. In one of your previous videos you said Biore strips were really bad for your skin I was wondering if masks like this are as well.

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  5. Hey Veronica
    I want to ask something. I watched your videos. And you are saying apple vinegar cider is not good for skin Ph balance. I just know that it's ph is near the skin ph. Isnt it true? Also can we temper the ph effect if we use them diluted? (Lemon juice, apple vinegar cider etc.)


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