May 27, 2015

Easy DIY Hydrating aloe mask

One of my esthetician approved DIY recipes, and a personal favorite!

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Aloe Gel: I used from Glonaturals -- use any aloe gel you want that is free of irritating ingredients like fragrance or solvent alcohols.

See my Good vs bad alcohols video to learn the difference 

Oil: Choose a skin care oil that is liquid at room temperature--not coconut oil, which won't suspend in the gel--and that you know your skin tolerates. I used rosehip oil (from Better Shea Butter). If your skin doesn't tolerate skin care oils, leave oil out of the recipe.

See my Skin care oils and comedogenicity video for more on comedogenicity ratings (how likely an oil is to clog pores)

Glycerin:  NOW brand, vegetable glycerin or  CVS brand. Glycerin is an extremely effective and inexpensive humectant, and one of the best tolerated ingredients in skin care. If you find that a concentration of glycerin that I use is too high for you, use less.

Usage instructions:

Cleanse face as usual. Apply gel mask in as thick or thin a layer as you like. Mask can be applied more thickly around areas where you would like greater plumping (around eyes, lips, forehead, or wherever expression lines are visible). Rinse after 5-10 minutes.

Follow with mild toner on a cotton pad to remove any excess oil, then apply skin care products as usual.

Hope you enjoy!

On my nails: Zoya Dovima with OPI DS Radiance painted in triangles using a striping brush.

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