May 20, 2015

DIY recipes and ingredients you SHOULD try

The follow up to my DIY recipes you should NEVER try video. Covered in this video (watch video for specifics):

- Honey, preferably raw or manuka honey
- Oil cleansers (based on skin tolerance)
- Fruit masks (non-citrus). Some safe fruits/berries: bananas, avocado, berries, tomato. Vegetables can be good, too, just keep pH in mind.
- Bromelain enzyme
- Oats or oatmeal
- Glycerin
- Aspirin masks
- Eggs, as tolerated
- Almond milk and coconut milk (or dairy milk, if you tolerate dairy products)
- Coconut oil or olive oil as makeup removers if your skin is not prone to comedogenic breakouts (breakouts caused by oils)
- Fine grit body scrubs: finely ground coffee, salt, sugar, and any oil you like (for body only)
- Jojoba beads

Other approved common DIY ingredients I didn't mention:

- Aloe
- Tea (non-fragrant)
- Clays (bentonite, kaolin, etc.)
- Turmeric--in small quantities, on non-sensitive skin
- Fine grain sugar lip scrub

Be conscious of food allergies or intolerances before putting food ingredients on the skin.


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