May 28, 2015

Beauty Fact or Fiction: Do your pores really open and close?

Can your pores (aka follicles) open and close the way you've heard? Watch to find out!

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Here's the photo of the skin's anatomy from the video if you'd like to see all of the components together:

Veronica Gorgeois - Skin Care - Do pores really open and close?


  1. Hi! I love hearing your opinions on anything beauty/health related. There are very few estheticians with a real presence online that people can trust, and you are one of them. Thank you for using science to back up your opinions!

    I was just researching the longterm effects of sugar on the skin, and would love to hear your opinion on the subject, especially about glycation & the degeneration of collagen. This would be a great topic to cover in one of your videos. I want to hear your thoughts!

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