September 25, 2013

Paula's Choice product overviews: sunscreens and antioxidant serums

Here are the first two videos in my Paula's Choice product overview series, where I compare each product to the other products in that category and give my personal experience with the ones I have tried.

If you've never tried (or even heard of) Paula's Choice, they are a 100% fragrance-free, cruelty-free skin care and makeup brand, and my personal favorite. It is quite rare to find products that are unscented, cruelty free, expertly formulated and reasonably priced!

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  1. I too have very sensitive dry skin and used to use the Paula's choice skin recovery sunscreen (the first one in your video). That caused dry flaky patches to appear on my face and my entire face felt very sensitive and tight. Have you ever head of someone having a reaction to zinc and/or titanium dioxide? In that case would you recommend trying a chemical sunscreen?


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